In the aged society of the 21st century, in Japan, a lot of difficult problems
have accumulated to a national health care system that supports the back-ground.
A lot of commodities have been turned on to a healthy market extremely
high according to it as for consumer’s demand for a healthy related product including health food every year.
In such a commodity, the protective efficacy is shown more than the medicine used in the place of the medical treatment according to the usage, and there are a lot of things with power for treatment, too.

However, when the consumer selects the commodity, it is also true that there are uneasiness in safety and toxicity.
At the Lifestyle Diseases Prevention Academic Committee(LUDPAC), the commodity that can be bought the consumer’s being relieved for a lot of specialists who have the long experience and knowledge to participate in fields of the medicine, pharmacology, and the herb doctor study, etc. to solve such the realities, to compose the committee, and to examine health food and a healthy related product that is flooded to the market is selected. Especially, it has aimed to be very related to the living body adjustment and the immunomechanism of these commodities, to evaluate the interaction scientifically, to issue the certificate and the approval mark to the commodity that passes as a result about the differentiation, and to contribute to a healthy market formation.
Moreover, it was established for this to contribute to the public health maintenance aiming to support the market activity as the trend of various foreign countries was adequately understood corresponding to the internationalization of a healthy market to which the future was expected, information was offered promptly, and a technology exchange and mutual cooperation were attempted and to assume the meeting with the meaning socially as corporate principles.